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Graduate Student Seminar, 2005-2006

All talks are at 4:30 in HH229, unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker Title
Monday, August 29 Prof. Bruce Williams Classification of manifolds
Monday, September 12 Cabral Balreira Topological Tools in Nonlinear Analysis
Monday, September 26 Chris Porter Real Numbers and Randomness
Monday, October 24 Yumi Watanabe C*-actions, Grobner bases, and Solving Polynomial Systems
Monday, November 7 Chandra Vaidyanathan Shannon duality via Lagrange duality
Monday, November 21 Dan Bates A new perspective of algebraic geometry
Monday, December 5 Heather Hannah Analyticity and Regularity for the mKdV equation on TxR
Monday, January 23 - 5:00 p.m.Daniel Cibotaru Knot theory and 3-dimensional manifolds
Monday, February 6 Sasha Lyapina Elements of Poisson Geometry
Monday, February 20 Steven Broad A Conjecture of Calabi with Counterexample
Monday, March 6 Prerna Bihani Zilber's Trichotomy Conjecture
Monday, March 20 Corbett Redden Spin and String(?) Geometry
Monday, March 27 Ray Jensen Covariance and invariance under conformal transformations of a Riemannian manifold with measure
Monday, April 10 Demirhan Tunc Hilbert's Tenth Problem for M_n(R)
Monday, April 24 Ion Dinca The symmetric Jordan (almost diagonal) canonical form

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