Next week, we will work on problems related to graphs and will focus on representing them, traversing them, and computing the shortest path in a graph. Understanding these concepts will be necessary to solve Challenge 15 and Challenge 16.


The readings for this week are:

  1. Competitive Programmer's Handbook

    • 11 Basics of graphs

    • 12 Graph traversal

    • 13 Shortest paths


Once you have done the readings, answer the following Reading 08 Quiz questions:


To submit you work, follow the same process outlined in Reading 00:

$ git checkout master                 # Make sure we are in master branch
$ git pull --rebase                   # Make sure we are up-to-date with GitLab

$ git checkout -b reading08           # Create reading08 branch and check it out

$ cd reading08                        # Go into reading08 folder
$ $EDITOR answers.json                # Edit your answers.json file

$ ../.scripts/submit.py               # Check reading08 quiz
Submitting reading08 assignment ...
Submitting reading08 quiz ...
   Score 2.00

$ git add answers.json                # Add answers.json to staging area
$ git commit -m "Reading 08: Done"    # Commit work

$ git push -u origin reading08        # Push branch to GitLab

Remember to create a merge request and assign the appropriate TA from the Reading 08 TA List.