Heterogeneous Systems

Charge transfer processes in a heterogeneous system are important to understand the photo and radiation induced process in photoelectrochemical solar cells, energy conversion processes and chemical sensors.  A basic understanding of the catalytic properties of representative oxides is also useful for developing photocatalytic or radiolytic treatment strategies for contaminated soils.  


To understand the role of oxide surfaces in promoting photochemical and radiolytic transformations.

To elucidate the charge transfer interactions and probe photoinduced charge transfer at the solid/electrolyte interface

 Our Research Focus.

  • Carry out steady state radiolysis of organic compounds adsorbed on to silica, alumina, titania, zirconia, and zeolite and anayze the products and monitor the IR absorption using diffuse reflectance studies.

  • To employ radical reactions for monotoring the growth of metal particles and/or complexation with radicals and organic mlecules.

  • To probe the influence of  surface in promoting photochemical transformations

Recent Publications

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