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Allowing for creativity and involvement in planning processes can be great motivational opportunities for club members.  One way to get members involved is to coordinate brainstorming sessions.  Brainstorming should be a fun and energetic process with the end in mind of creating a list of ideas for consideration before making a decision.

Creating a brainstorming session is relatively easy.  Follow these steps, and before you know it, you will watch ideas turn into action!

  1. Gather a group of members (a meeting is a great place to do this!).
  2. Define the topic for which you will be generating ideas (e.g.  improving an annual program, finding a way to be more efficient as a club, etc.).
  3. Assign a facilitator.  This person will be responsible for getting everyone involved in the process, and will also be the point person to ensure ideas flow.
  4. Review a few ground rules:
    • Any idea is a acceptable.
    • Do not criticize other people's ideas.
    • Record all thoughts (appoint a secretary).
    • Reduce "dead air" -- keep the ideas flowing.
    • Build on other ideas when given the opportunity.
    • Focus on quantity, not quality (the quality will come later when you refine the brainstorm list).
  5. Establish a time limit for the brainstorming (3-5 minutes is usually ample time to generate some ideas).
  6. Start brainstorming!
  7. After you have finished brainstorming, sort through your list of generated ideas and establish a follow up discussion to make decisions about the presented thoughts.

Making Brainstorming More Fun
Sometimes club members have done a great deal of brainstorming with other projects, and they get bored with a standard brainstorming session.  Here are some ways to add a little flavor to the brainstorming process.

 For more ideas on brainstorming, contact the Student Activities Office.