Sara J. Bernstein


Academic year 2022-2023

Research leave: NEH fellowship

At Notre Dame, past:

    Graduate level:

David Lewis's Letters    |    Syllabus

Feminist Philosophy and Philosophy of Gender (with Michael Rea)   |    Syllabus

Time Travel    |    Syllabus

Causation in the Law   |    Syllabus

Metaphysics of Ethics   |   Syllabus

Dissertation Seminar   |   Syllabus

    Undergraduate level:

Metaphysics of the Social World   |    Syllabus

Time Travel   |    Syllabus

Feminism and Philosophy   |    Syllabus

Philosophy, Gender, and Feminism (with Michael Rea)    |    Syllabus

Honors Introduction to Philosophy    |   Syllabus

Reality: The Big Questions    |   Syllabus

At Duke, past:

    Graduate level:

David Lewis (with Peter van Inwagen)   |    Syllabus

Metaphysics of Time and Time Travel (with Peter van Inwagen)   |    Syllabus

Metaphysics of Causation and Moral Responsibility   |    Syllabus

Meta-metaphysics (with Peter van Inwagen)   |    Syllabus

Metaphysics of Possibility   |    Syllabus

Teaching Philosophy   |    Syllabus

Zen and the Art of Dissertation Completion (Dissertation Seminar)   |    Syllabus

    Undergraduate level:

Philosophy of Space and Time   |    Syllabus

Appearance and Reality: Problems in Metaphysics   |    Syllabus

At Duke, unactualized

   Undergraduate level:

Philosophy of Computing, a course designed for the Duke Information, Technology, and Culture Initiative    |   Syllabus

At Arizona, past:

Philosophy in Literature

Nineteenth Century Philosophy

Twentieth Century Philosophy

Minds, Brains, and Computers