I favor a practice-oriented approach to research, utilizing qualitative and quantitative methods on real-world data.

My Ph.D. work in the Computer Science Department at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI, was on Communication Strategies for Software Development Communities of Practice where, as a participant observer, I compared different forms of software development practices and studied how software communities are sustained. I bring that learning back to the classroom by integrating it into the Team Software Project course, for a more realistic and authentic software project experience. I have used blended learning techniques such as the flipped classroom with Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) as a tool to integrate critique, reflection and communication-centric material with the structure of Scrum.

Research Interest Areas

  • Communication—software development and process
  • Undergraduate education—incorporating the flipped classroom model and POGIL-based learning into the Team Software Project course to be a more authentic simulation of industry
  • Diversity in computing—new approaches to the recruitment and retention of women in computing
  • HCI and senior citizens—understanding user adoption and usability challenges faced by senior citizens learning and using technology
  • Exploratory testing—teaching using the problem frames approach to describe methodology for exploratory testing


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Kumar, Shreya, "Communication Patterns and Strategies in Software Development Communities of Practice", Open Access Dissertation, Michigan Technological University, 2016.

NSF Grant

Charles Wallace (PI)
Shreya Kumar (Co-PI)
Leo C. Ureel II (Co-PI)

$218,735 | 2 years

Agile Communicators: Preparing Students for Communication-intensive Software Development Through Inquiry, Critique and Reflection. National Science Foundation, Division of Undergraduate Education, Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE) Program.