Mathematics 328 Syllabus
Mathematical Statistics - Spring 2005

We will cover most of the Chapters 1 through 8 of Jay L. Devore - ``Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences with Infotrac," Duxbury Press; 6th edition (January 2004).
Chapter Number Topics to be covered
Chapter 1 Introduction into descriptive statistics.
Chapter 2 Events, sample spaces, axioms of probability, conditional probabilities, Bayes' formula, independent events.
Chapter 3 Random variables; discrete random variables and their expected values, binomial, negative binomial, hypergeometric and Poisson distributions.
Chapter 4 Continuous random variables: CDF, PDF and expected values; uniform, exponential, normal and gamma distributions.
Chapter 5 Joint probability distributions, expected values, covariance and correlation, sums and averages of random variables, the Central Limit Theorems.
Chapter 6 Point estimation.
Chapter 7, Interval estimation based on a single sample.
Chapter 8 Tests of hypotheses based on a single sample.
Chapter 9 Inferences based on two samples.
Chapter 14 Goodness-of-fit tests and contingency tables.

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