Spirit of Notre Dame
Its History, Legends and Lore / by Dorothy V. Corson

University of Notre Dame
Its History, Legends, and Lore

hesburgh with torch The Spirit of Notre Dame
Father Hesburgh carrying the torch of the “Spirit of Notre Dame” into the new millennium. What a splendid example for others to follow. The story behind this time honored expression.
grotto at night A Cave of Candles: The Story behind the Notre Dame Grotto
A first-person journal of research in the chronological order of my investigation. Including 225 photographs.
grotto day Notre Dame’s Grotto
A shorter third-person account in the chronological order of historical events. Focused on Our Lady’s influence on the campus since Sorin’s arrival. Including 178 photographs.
grotto day Fr. Corby’s “Favor Granted” at Lourdes inspires him to build Notre Dame’s Grotto.
What that favor was has remained a mystery for over 100 years, until now. The Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto would not exist on the campus of the University of Notre Dame du Lac if that favor had not been granted.

Notre Dame Legends and Lore
The Legend of the Sycamore -- Guardian of the Grotto -- plus many other unusual human interest accounts of incidents and events from Notre Dame’s storied past. Including many photographs.

log chapel

Notre Dame and Saint Mary's Celebrate a Lifetime of Memories in the 21st Century.
During 20062007 they celebrate four centennials, the sesquicentennial of Father Moreau's only visit to America in 1857, the Grotto's 110th anniversary and Father Moreau's beatification on September 15, 2007.


Notre Dame Photo Gallery: By Robert F. Ringel
A gallery of 163 campus photographs in seven segments: The Golden Dome, The Basilica, The Grotto, Lakes and Trees, Wildlife Up Close, Art on Campus and Notre Dame Traditions.


In God's Design: This is my life . . . It is all I have to give.
Poem Parables: From my Spiritual Journey through the Land of Legends -- By Dorothy V. Corson. A lifetime of fond memories preserved in a collection of spontaneous personal poetry.

Cave of Candles Cover A Cave of Candles: The Story Behind Notre Dame's Grotto
The Spirit, History, Legends and Lore of Notre Dame and Saint Mary's: By Dorothy V. Corson is also a published book. It can be purchased online and at many bookstores in South Bend, IN. Click the link above to see pictures of the book's cover, a review of the book and a complete list of where it is available.


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