Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Microscope
CARS Setup      CARS Setup
  • Dual oscillator, Coherent MIRA-d, laser system. Ti:sapphire laser system, offering either picosecond (ps) or femtosecond (fs) tunable laser pulses that can be synchronized to within 50 fs. The system is tunable from 700-1000 nm
  • 1/8 m Imaging spectrograph, with 1200 grooves/mm grating blazed at 1000 nm
  • Andor iDus Back-thinned Deep Depleted CCD camera

  • Raman and Dark-field Microscope
    CARS Setup      CARS Setup
    • Olympus BX-51 upright microscope with spontaneous Raman and dark-field microscopy capabilities
    • Imaging spectrograph with 300, 600, and 1200 grooves/mm gratings
    • EMCCD spectroscopy camera (We have the accessory to incorporate this into the TERS microscope)

    TERS Microscope #1
    CARS Setup      CARS Setup
    • Dual optical microscope, enabling both upright, inverted, and simultaneously bi-directional observation
    • Atomic Force Microscope: Nanonics MV4000, including hydra liquid cell for use with tuning fork feedback probes. The AFM probe is designed to allow optical access from both the top and bottom of the sample
    • CCD camera: The camera is back illuminated and deep depleted for low light level applications between 500 and 1000 nm
    • Imaging spectrograph with 600, 1200, 1800 grooves/mm gratings

    TERS Microscope #2
    CARS Setup      CARS Setup
    • Custom, zero-mechanical drift upright microscope
    • Atomic Force Microscope: Nanonics MV2000, including liquid cell capabilities
    • Andor iDus CCD camera
    • Kaiser f/2 holpspec spectrograph, with gratings for 532, 633, 647, and 785 nm Raman excitation

    CARS Setup       
    • inVia Raman Microscope (633nm, 660nm, and 514nm excitation)
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