Club Constitution

Article 1. Official Club Name

The Asian American Association of Notre Dame

Article 2. Club Purpose

Our goals as the Asian American Association are to promote awareness and appreciation of Asian and Asian American culture, to act as a resource for students and faculty, and to provide a comfortable setting for social interaction which in turn helps unify and strengthen the Asian American community on the Notre Dame campus.

Article 3. Membership

Section 3.01 Definition of Membership

A member shall be defined as anyone who has paid in full, the membership fees as defined in Section 4.01.

Section 3.02 Membership Restrictions

Membership for the Asian American Association shall be limited only to students, faculty, and staff from the University of Notre Dame, St. Mary's college, and Holy Cross College.

Section 3.03 Member Voting Privileges

Although faculty and staff are permitted to be members of the Asian American Association, voting rights shall be strictly reserved for undergraduate and graduate students at a General Meeting.

Article 4. Membership Fees

Section 4.01 Definition of Membership Fees

Fees for membership shall be $10.00. However, for some events, supplemental, out-of-pocket monies will periodically be requested of those participants (i.e. supplemental funds for a retreat of social activity).

Section 4.02 Collection of Membership Fees

The collection and accounting of membership fees shall be the responsibility of the club treasurer as described in Section 5.04 and shall be done before March 1 of each respective year.

Article 5. The Executive Board

Section 5.01 Restrictions of the Executive Board

Only undergraduate students from the University of Notre Dame, St. Mary's College, and Holy Cross College can serve as a member of the Executive board. Furthermore, a simple majority of those serving on the Executive Board shall be students from the University of Notre Dame.

Section 5.02 Duties of the Club President
  • The Club President shall preside at all General Club Meetings and at Executive Board meetings.
  • The President shall act as chief representative of the Asian American Association for the term he/she is elected.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the President to draft and present the agenda for all meetings.
  • In term immediately after the one he/she is elected to, the President shall hold the position of President Emeritus on the Executive Board, which has voting privileges but is intended to be and advisory position.
Section 5.03 Duties of the Club Vice President
  • The Vice President shall preside in the absence of the Club President.
  • From administration to administration, the President shall define the additional duties of the Vice President as those delegated to him/her for the respective term.
Section 5.04 Duties of the Club Treasurer
  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping a detailed record of club finances.
  • The Treasurer shall also be required to periodically report on the financial status of the club.
  • Collection of membership fees as mentioned in section 4.02, shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer.
Section 5.05 Duties of the Club Secretary
  • The Secretary shall be responsible for taking minutes at all club meetings.
  • The Secretary shall also be responsible for keeping club records and paperwork orderly during his/her term.
Section 5.06 Additional Executive Board Members

The elected members of the executive board shall select additional Executive Board Members.

Section 5.07 Election of the Executive Board

The executive board shall be elected by the general membership each year before March 1. In all cases, a simple majority will win, and in the case of additional Board Members, candidates with the highest number of votes shall fill the office.

Section 5.08 Impeachment of Board Members/ Officers

Impeachment of Board Members shall be done by a unanimous vote by the Executive Board and approved by the club Advisor.

Section 5.09 Filling of Vacancies

In the event where a club office is vacated during the school year, the Executive Board shall nominate candidates and request approval from the general membership.

Article 6. Club Advisor

Section 6.01 Restrictions upon the Club Advisor position

The club Advisor must be a faculty or administrative staff member from the University of Notre Dame. The Club Advisor shall also not have voting privileges.

Section 6.02 Duties of the Club Advisor
  • The club Advisor shall approve all club expenditures via the club treasurer.
  • The Advisor shall consult the Executive board on all club matters.
Section 6.03 Selection of the Club Advisor

The Executive Board shall nominate the Club Advisor by unanimous vote.

Article 7. Meetings

Section 7.01 General meetings

General meetings shall be held monthly at a time and place to be determined by the Executive Board.

Section 7.02 Executive Board Meetings

Board meetings shall be held weekly at a time and place to be determined by the executive board.

Section 7.03 Definition of Quorum

Quorum at the all the above stated meetings shall be %15 of total membership.

Article 8. Disbursement of Funds

Section 8.01 General Disbursement

All disbursements must be authorized by both the president and the Treasurer, and approved by the Advisor.

Section 8.02 Restrictions

All four officers and the Advisor must approve any disbursement over $25.

Article 9. Amendments to the Club Constitution

Section 9.01 Amendments to the Constitution

Any amendment to the club constitution shall be officially proposed by the executive board and will be approved by 2/3 majority by the general membership.

Section 9.02 Restriction

All amendments must be submitted in writing to the Student Activities Office.

Article 10. Ratification of the Club Constitution

The Club constitution shall be ratified by a 2/3-majority vote by the general membership and shall be approved by the club Advisor.