We Are Asian American Association

We are focused on offering a great experience here at Notre Dame. We celebrate Asian American heritage in a variety of ways, providing support for Asian American students and promoting an awareness of not only Asian American issues but also diversity in all its forms.

Upcoming Events

AAA_Freshman Retreat

First Year Retreat 2020

Dahnke Ballroom
August 15

The AAA First Year Retreat is a collaborative effort between AAA and Notre Dame Campus Ministry designed to provide first-years with the opportunity to explore identity, foster friendship and community, and develop spirituality.

This year, AAA had Jerome Gan and Dylan Leupi as retreat leaders! The retreat theme, “Setting Sail” is meant to represent the setting off your new chapter in your lives. As retreat leaders and the greater AAA community, we want you First Years to know that the Asian community is here to help you along and connect with you! In the words of Dylan,“We want them to know that we can be the initial wind in their sails that will set them off on their college journey.”

For future First-Years, we look forward to the next retreat! Here's a wrap-up video of this years retreat!

Notre Dame Day

Notre Dame Day is coming up! ND Day is a celebration of the University we love and to AAA, our Asian American Association community! For those who may not know, ND Day is the Notre Dame Family coming together to share stories of students, professors, alumni, and friends of Notre Dame who are making an impact all over the world as well as competing to raise money for their favorite areas of campus! From the Asian American Association, we want to thank you for thinking of us, and we truly appreciate your generosity. Through good fellowship, service, and events that showcase the unique values of various ethnic cultures, we aim to create a supportive community that positively reflects the essence of being Asian American. We value any support you can provide so that AAA can bring the best of us to our Notre Dame community. To donate, please click visit our AAA Donation page.

ND day