We Are Asian American Association

We are focused on offering a great experience here at Notre Dame. We celebrate Asian American heritage in a variety of ways, providing support for Asian American students and promoting an awareness of not only Asian American issues but also diversity in all its forms.

Upcoming Events

AAA_Freshman Retreat

First Year Retreat 2019

Camp Epworth
September 6-7
24 Hours 4PM-4PM

The AAA First Year Retreat is a collaborative effort between AAA and Notre Dame Campus Ministry designed to provide first-years with the opportunity to explore identity, foster friendship and community, and develop spirituality.

This year, AAA is proud to have Matt Cabrera and Calais Nobuhara as retreat leaders! The retreat theme, “Breaking Ground” is meant to represent not only the transition into college, but also how we all emerge from it going forward. Everyone moves into Notre Dame at ground level—a clean slate—and we all grow from that same ground. It can be seen as a time to reinvent ourselves, explore new things, or carry over aspects of our pre-college life into our journey to independence. We all root and nourish ourselves with different things, and as we grow, sometimes we have to cut things off to allow us to keep healthily growing. We all bear different fruits that we can offer to the world, we all grow at different paces, and we all grow to different heights. Regardless of where we end up by the time graduation comes, the growth doesn’t stop there. The ground that we’re breaking as freshmen is just the beginning of a long journey of independent growth away from home as we grow towards our full potential.

The registration fee is $10 and transportation will be provided! Please contact rebecca.ruvalcaba.4@nd.edu if you have any financial concerns. For more information or to sign up, click here!

Asian Allure 2019: Forging Links

Washington Hall Mainstage
November 8&9

Asian Allure is AAA’s annual culture show, showcasing performances from AAA and associated clubs. As one of AAA’s largest events each year, Asian Allure strives to create connections between the audience and Notre Dame’s Asian and Asian-American population through the art of performance.

We are excited to have Yejee Oh as our Director this year! Our theme of Forging Links embodies the idea of developing relationships as a gateway to cultural understanding. By doing so, we seek to empower the audience with personal connections that are essential to a more intimate appreciation for the different cultures our performers represent. With acts that vary from modern dance productions to personal monologues, we hope to not only give a glimpse of the diverse cultures that our club represents, but to also showcase the individual stories that our members have to tell. Our theme of Forging Links strives to create lasting connections between our performers and audience. We invite you to be a part of this experience and look forward to seeing you at Asian Allure!

Tickets will be available at the LaFortune Box Office for $5 and $7 at the door. Doors open at 6:30PM.

AAA_Asian Allure

Weekly Events


Grotto Trip

Location: Grotto

Come have dinner with us at one of the dining halls and then walk over to the grotto to pray and reflect with other AAA members. We will send out weekly FB invites to let you know details. For questions and concerns, feel free to contact spiritual commissioner Helen Gu at xgu3@nd.edu.

South Bend Center for the Homeless

Location: South Bend Center for the Homeless
Fridays 3:25 PM

Come explore and give back to the South Bend community with us on our fortnightly service trips! Most trips we give our time and effort to the Center For Homeless. There's no need to worry about transportation; just bring your NDID for a free bus ride to and fro. The service trips are usually Friday afternoons, so come and kick off your weekends with us in the right mood. Be on the look out for any updates and further details in our weekly e-mails. Please direct any concerns and questions to Isabel Joseph at ijoseph@nd.edu.


South Bend Center for the Homeless

Location: South Bend Center for the Homeless
( Saturdays, 9:45 AM )

We help out the homeless community in South Bend by giving our time and efforts to the Center for the Homeless. There's no need to worry about transportation; just bring your ND ID for the bus ride to and from. The service trips are on Saturdays without home games in the fall semester and almost every Saturday in the spring. Be on the look out for any updates in the weekly e-mails we send out. If interested, go ahead and show up at 9:45am by Library Circle on Saturday! Please direct any concerns and questions to Isabel Joseph at ijoseph@nd.edu.