Club Resources


Come join us for many of the AAA events that we offer throughout the year. Most events are free for dues paying members, so what are you waiting for! We offer events ranging from retreats, dances, and even networking events. Please be sure to invite all of your friends!


All members of the club can be a resource. Upperclassmen in particular can bring knowledge from experience. They are most valuable to those who seek counseling on aspects of major, class, or even career choices. Particular member contacts can be obtained through AAA officers, Facebook, or the ND directory located here.


All officers are open to questions and suggestions. Suggestions can even be ideas for new events that AAA could offer. Be sure to speak with them about any concerns.

Constitution and Brochure

The AAA constitution is our set of formalized rules and procedures involving the club.

Our brochure is a display of a general overview of the club and it's involvement in Notre Dame.