Course Lecture Notes and Handouts

Links to lecture notes and class handouts from courses I have taught:


Phil 10101/20101  (formerly Phil 101/201): Introduction to Philosophy

Phil 43150:  Aquinas on Creation

Phil 180I: Philosophy University Seminar

Phil 43811 (formerly Phil 421E):  Chesterton

Phil 264: Faith and Reason
Phil 439:  Seminar on Faith and Reason

Phil 265: Philosophical Reflections on Christian Belief 

Phil 450:  Aquinas on Angels

Phil 30301 (formerly Phil 301):  Ancient and Medieval Philosophy:

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Phil 453: Aquinas on the Cardinal Virtues

Phil 405:  Aquinas on Love and Justice
Phil 527: Aquinas and Suarez on Creation

Phil 406/572: The Ethics of Thomas Aquinas 

Phil 618: Suarez on Individuation and Causality

Phil 43086 (formerly Phil 417):  Aquinas on God

Phil 655: Causality

Phil 43148:  Aquinas on Virtue and Law