Math 20550 Calculus III (Spring 2018)
Multivariable Calculus



Office Hours and locations:

You are welcome to attend any office hours.



Section Instructor Time Location
01 Jorza, Andrei MW 10:30-11:30am Hayes-Healy 275
02, 03 Gursky, Matthew M, Th 1-2pm Hurley 262
04 Radeschi, Marco MW 2-4pm Hayes-Healy 120

Teaching Assistants:

Section TA Time Location
Zhou , Cunlu Th, F 10-11am Math Library
Wawerczyk, Eric F 12-2pm Hayes-Healy 253A
Perlman, Michael Th 10-12am Hayes-Healy Basement 20
Moreno, Adam Tu 2-3pm Hayes-Healy Basement 20

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