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Alexander Mukasyan

Professor of Chemical Engineering

Director Manager

Laboratory of Advanced Electron Microscopy ND-IIF

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Dept. Chemical and Biomiolecular Eng.

University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, IN 46556

Office: 210 Stinson-Remick Hall

Phone: (574) 631-9825

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Recent Publications

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"Combustion for Material Synthesis"

Rogachev A.S. and Mukasyan A.S.

Rubric: Сhemical Physics, Physical Chemistry, Materials Science

ISBN: 978-1-48223-951-5

Publisher: CRC Press

Language: English

Publication Date: 2014

Pages: 424

Product Dimensions: 1.2 x 6.5 x 9.2 inches

"Combustion Synthesis of Materials: Introduction to Structural Microkinetics"

Rogachev A.S. and Mukasyan A.S.

Rubric: Сhemical Physics, Physical Chemistry, Materials Science

ISBN: 978-5-92211-441-7

Publisher: Fiz.-Mat. Lit.

Language: Russain

Publication Date: 2013

Pages: 398

Product Dimensions: 60х90/16

"Solid Flame"

Merzhanov A.G and Mukasyan A.S.

Rubric: Сhemical Physics, Physical Chemistry, Materials Science

ISBN: 978-5-94588-053-5

Publisher: Torus Press, Nauka

Language: Russain

Publication Date: 2007

Pages: 336

Product Dimensions: 60х90/16

"Combustion of Heterogeneous Systems: Fundamentals and Applications for Material Synthesis"

Edited by Mukasyan A.S, Martirosyan K.

Rubric: Сhemical Physics, Physical Chemistry, Materials Science

ISBN: 978-8-17895-269-7

Publisher: Transworld Research Network

Language: English

Publication Date: 2007

Pages: 245

Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 6.1 x 0.9 inches

Chapter in Books

  • “Combustion Behavior of Nanocomposite Energetic Materials”

    in a book: Energetic Nanomaterials: Characterization, and Application, Ed. by V. Zarko, 1st Edition, ISBN: 9780128027103, Elsevier, 2016, pp.163-193.

  • “Combustion Synthesis of Boron Nitride: Fundamentals and Applications”

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  • “Combustion Synthesis of Nanomaterials”

    in Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Editor(s): S. E. Lyshevski, Third Edition, Seven Volume Set, Published: CRC Press, New York, 2014 Pages 983-1001.

  • "Combustion Synthesis of Silicon Carbide"pdf

    in a book: Properties and Applications of Silicon Carbide, ed. by: Prof. R. Gerhardt, INTECH, Vienna, Austria , 2011, ISBN 978-953-307-356-9, pp.389-409

  • "Combustion Synthesis of Intermetallic Compounds"

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  • “The Role of Molecular Gas-Phase and Conduction Heat Transfer in Propagation of Combustion Wave”

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  • "Combustion Synthesis of Advanced Materials”

    in ASM Handbook: Powder Metal Technologies and Applications, 1998, 7, pp.523-540 with A. Varma.

Invited Reviews

Selected Recent Publications

  • N.F. Shkodich, A.S. Rogachev, A.S. Mukasyan, at. all., Fabrication of Nano crystalline Copper/Molybdenum Pseudo Alloy by Combination of Mechanical Activation and Spark Plasma Sintering Methods, Russian J. of Physical Chemistry B, (2016, in print).

  • M. Abedi, DO Moskovskikh, AS Rogachev, AS Mukasyan, Spark Plasma Sintering of Titanium Spherical Particles, Metall. Mater. Trans. B, doi: 10.1007/s11663-016-0732-8 (2016).

  • AS Rogachev, KV Kuskov, NF Shkodich, DO Moskovskikh, AO Orlov, AA Usenko, AV Karpov, ID Kovalev, AS Mukasyan, Influence of high-energy ball milling on electrical resistance of Cu and Cu/Cr nanocomposite materials produced by Spark Plasma Sintering, J. of Alloys and Compounds, 688, Part A, 468-474 (2016).

  • KP Sidnov, DS Belov, AV Ponomareva, IA Abrikosov, AM Zharmukhambetova, NV Skripnyak, SA Barannikova, AS Rogachev, S Rouvimov, AS Mukasyan, Effect of alloying on elastic properties of ternary Ni-Al-Ti system: Experimental validation, J. Alloys and Compounds, 688, Part A, 534-541 (2016).

  • R. Mnatsakanyan, A. R. Zhurnachyan, V.A. Matyshak, K.V. Manukyan,, A.S. Mukasyan, Microwave-assisted synthesis of carbon-supported carbides catalysts for hydrous hydrazine decomposition, J. Phys. Chem. in Solids, 96, 115-120 (2016).

  • D.O. Moskovskikh, Y. Song, S Rouvimov, A.S. Rogachev, A.S. Mukasyan, Silicon carbide ceramics: Mechanical activation and spark plasma sintering, Ceramics International, 42, 12686-12693 (2016).

  • C. Shuck, M. Frazee, A. Gillman, M. Beason, I. Gunduz, K. Matous, R. Winarski and A. S. Mukasyan, X-Ray Nanotomography and Focused Ion Beam Sectioning for Quantitative Three-dimensional Analysis of Nanocomposites, J. Synchrotron Radiation, 23(4), 990-996 (2016).

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