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Recent Talks


"Jet and Photon Physics at the CMS experiment"
International Conference on Early LHC Physics Results, Ann Arbor, Michigan   December 2010

"Rare B Decays"
Xth International Conference on Heavy Quarks and Leptons, Rome, Italy   November 2010

" Early results from the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter "
University of Texas at Austin   October 2010

" Radiative B Meson Decays at BaBar "
Texas A and M University, College Station, Texas   October 2010

"Recent results in CKM and CP Physics from BaBar"
IV'th Brookhaven International Forum: A Spacetime Odyssey, New York   May 2010

" The CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter "
University of Chicago   March 2009

"Recent results in Radiative Penguin Decays from BaBar"
XXII'th International Conference on High Energy Physics, Philedelphia, Pennyslvania   August 2008

" The CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter "
University of California, Berkeley   Augusr 2008

"Physics with Electrons and Photons at the CMS experiment"
Cornell University Journal Club   April 2007

"The CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter"
Fermi National Accelerator Lab Febuary 2007

"Radiative Penguin Decays at BaBar"
Indiana University November 2006

"Radiative Penguin Decays at BaBar"
University of Notre Dame, November 2006

"Measurement of b->s gamma"
European Physical Society, Lisbon August 2005