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Computational Hydraulics Laboratory Facilities

      Fifteen high performance workstations running Windows and Linux with dual 23”       monitors and Nehalem Core i7, 12-16 GB DDR3 RAM, Nvidia or Radeon high performance       graphics cards, 1-3 TB storage.

  Workstation Software:
      Surface Modeling System (SMS), ArcGIS, Global Mapper,
      Fugawi Electronic NOAA Bathymetric Charts, USA
      Photomaps, Google Earth Pro, Corpscon, Fortran 90, C++, Matlab, Mathematica, GMT,       Image Magick

Compute Clusters Owned by Computational Hydraulics Lab, Operated by Center for Research Computing
- 2016 total cores
      Lenovo NeXtScale nx350M5

      83 Dual Intel Xeon E5-2680 v3
      80 TB Total Disk Storage
      FDR 56 GB Infiniband
      5,120 GB total RAM

  Aegaeon - (frontend)
 Lenovo NeXtScale nx350M5
      Dual 12 core E5-2680 v3 Haswell processors
      64 GB RAM
      1 TB disk
      Mellanox FDR Infiniband


  Athos - 1008 total cores
      84 HP SL160z G6 servers
      Dual Six-Core Intel Nehalem processors
      24 GB RAM - 1992 GB total RAM
      160 GB disk - 13280 GB total disk (local)
      QDR Infiniband 50% oversubscription

   Athos - (frontend)
      HP SL160z G6
      Dual Six-Core Intel Nehalem processors
      24 GB total RAM
      160 GB disk
      QDR Infiniband

Raid Servers

  Poseidon - (fileserver)
      Dell PowerEdge R720xd - 32 GB RAM - 34 TB

  Oceanus & Tethys - (fileservers)
      HP ProLiant DL180 G6 - 32 GB RAM - 19 TB

  Nereus/Doris - (fileserver)
      HDell PowerEdge R720xd

  Arcadia1/Arcadia2 - (fileserver)
      Dell PowerEdge R720xd - 32 GB RAM - 34 TB

  Atlas1/Atlas2 - (fileserver)
      Dell PowerEdge R730xd - 64 GB RAM - 51TB

  Proteus1 & Proteus2 - (compute node - graphical)
      2 HP DL160z G6 servers
      Dual Quad-Core Intel Nehalem processors - 16 total cores
      24 GB RAM - 48 GB total RAM
      160 GB disk
      QDR Infiniband

External Computing Resources

   Texas Advanced Computing Center
   The University of Texas at Austin

   Stampede2: 4,200 Intel Knights Landing nodes
, each with 68 cores and
   and 1,736 Intel Xeon Skylake nodes, each with 48 cores
   18 petaflops


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