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Interpolate data from ascii rasters, xyz files, lidar, or land use on to grid using grid scle averaging scheme. Also can smooth z values on existing grids.
Remove rectangular or circular sections of large ADCIRC grids to be edited, and return them to base grid when done editing. Can also view and edit 13 parameters.
Requires file.dat input file.
meshchecker Check ADCIRC meshes for errors (overlapping nodes/elements, boundary conditions, grid size, numbering, other)
FigureGen FigureGen is a Fortran program that creates images for ADCIRC files. It reads mesh files (fort.14, etc) nodal attributes files (fort.13, etc) and output files (fort.63, fort.64, maxele.63, etc). It plots contours, contour lines, and vectors. Using FigureGen you can go directly from ADCIRC input and output files to a presentation-quality figure, for one or multiple time snaps. FigureGen began with a script written by Brian Blanton, was converted to Fortran and extended by Casey Dietrich, and it now contains code written by John Atkinson, Zach Cobell, Howard Lander, CHris Szpilka, Matthieu Vitse, and others. Casey Dietrich distributes and maintains it. Python script that reads a file with a list of any number of figuregen input files and will call up a new process for each input file so that all figures can be submitted at a single time without having to do it manually.
submit.dofiguregen qsub script which calls the python script from the queing system
inputlist.txt Example of the file that lists the input files

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