The Melon Seed Skiff page
April 1,2002
A strongback is constructed 36" wide by about 16' long using standard clear/straight construction grade 2"X4". 2"X4" are ripped 36" long to create bearers. The bearers are evenly spaced on 12" centers. Bearers for the stem and transom are are 14.5" and 15" from bearers 1 and 12 respectively. A chalk line is snapped to create a center line reference the entire length of the strongback.
Molds are cut from .75" dense particle board and attached to bearers using 2" wood screws. Do not glue. These will be unscrewed later when the hull is inverted. Centering on the line and square. Brace installed to accept transom. Ultimately I installed two braces. This made it easier to keep the transom square. Bracing between all stations stiffens the entire setup.
Transom is edge joined using biscuits and epoxy. .75" X 4" mahogany is used A laminating jig is constructed to make the stem. The stem is created by laminating 16-18 piece if 1/8" ash.
Underneath the laminated pieces of ash is a flat piece of particle board. This ensures the stem lays up flat. Do not over tighten the clamps to starve the epoxy joints. Plane off excess epoxy squeezed from the joints.
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