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Useful Links

We have included here a selection of links to web sites that contain material featured at the workshops. In some cases, these are sites which were a part of a presentation at a previous workshop. Please note that we are not trying to create a full list of history of astronomy links, but only those relevant to the workshops.

We are especially interested in adding web sites that are connected with individuals who regularly attend the workshops. If you have a personal or institutional web site that is relevant to the history of astronomy, and you have been a participant at previous workshops, please share that link with Matt Dowd, University of Notre Dame (e-mail).

  • HASTRO-L@LISTSERV.WVU.EDU. The History of Astronomy Discussion Group deals with matters arising in research and teaching of the history of astronomy in all cultures, whether Euroamerican, non-Western, or non-literate; all periods, ranging from prehistoric to contemporary; and using all historical, ethnographic, or archaeological approaches.
  • SCIAMVS - Sources and Commentaries in Exact Sciences. A journal concerned with the history of exact sciences before A.D. 1600 that focuses on making available original sources, especially critical editions of unpublished texts as well as their translation into modern languages (preferably English) together with comments and notes.
  • HAD (Historical Astronomy Division). A division of the American Astronomical Society. Members of HAD have contributed much to the workshops.
  • History of Astronomy, Bonn. A great source for links to items of interest around the world on history of astronomy. Though not affiliated with the workshop, it has such a wide range of links that we include it here.
  • INSAP. The home page for the most recent Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena conferences.
  • International Astronomical Union (IAU), Commission 41 (History of Astronomy). An organization in which Steve Dick, one of the workshops' most important organizers, is quite active.
  • The John J. Reilly Center Program in History and Philosophy of Science, University of Notre Dame. One of the sponsoring organizations of the workshop. Not only do graduate students in the program frequently present papers at the workshop, the Reilly Center has contributed substantial financial assistance to the workshops.
  • History of Science Museum, University of Oxford. The home page for the museum. Jim Bennett, the former director of the Museum, spoke at NDIV about the benefits of the web for museums.
  • National Air and Space Museum. One of the museums of the Smithsonian. David DeVorkin and Deborah Warner have been active participants at the workshops.
  • North American Sundial Society. Those interested in one of the earliest astronomical instruments should have a look at this society's web site.
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