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Biennial History of Astronomy Workshop - ND I June 24-27, 1993


All sessions held in the Center for Continuing Education.

Thursday, June 24 Workshop Opens
8:00 pm Welcoming Reception
Friday, June 25 Sessions begin
9:00 - 11:30 am Astronomy in Context
Chair: Barbara Becker, Southwest Regional Laboratory
  • Liba Taub, Adler Planetarium: “The Ancient World as Context”
  • Steve McCluskey, Univ. of Wisconsin: “The Medieval World as Context”
  • Sara S. Genuth, Sara Lawrence C.: “The Scientific Revolution as Context”
  • Barbara Becker: “Victorian Britain as Context”
  • David DeVorkin, NASM, Smithsonian: “Henry Norris Russell and the Anglo-American Context”
1:30 - 4:30 pm Works in Progress
Chair: Marc Rothenberg, Joseph Henry Papers, Smithsonian
  • Kenneth J. Howell, Institute for Advanced Study, Indiana U. and Reformed Theological Seminary: “All Things Considered: The Theological Context of the Reception of Copernicanism in Northern Protestant Europe”
  • George Sweetnam, Princeton U.: “High Dispersion from Hopkins”
  • Michael Crowe, Notre Dame: “A New Text on the History of Stellar Astronomy”
  • Orville R. Butler, Independent Scholar: “The Cultural Context of American Astrophysics”
  • Priyamvada Natarajan, MIT: “The Role of Simulations in Astrophysics”
  • Joann Eisberg, U. Wisconsin, Madison: “Scientific Biography or High Opera? Writing the Life of Beatrice Tinsley”
  • Andrew Butrica, Independent Scholar: “Planetary Radar Astronomy before Venus”
  • Ronald A. Schorn, Intaglio, Inc.; Henry C. Dethloff, Intaglio, Inc. and Texas A & M U.; and Oran W. Nicks, Texas A & M U.: “NASA's Planetary Astronomy History Project”
Saturday, June 26  
9:00 - 11:30 am Teaching the History of Astronomy
Chairs: Owen Gingerich, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics; Albert Van Helden, Rice U.
1:30 - 4:30 pm The History of Astronomy Since 1940
Chairs: Ron Doel, American Institute of Physics; and John Lankford, West Virginia U.
  • Owen Gingerich: “An Editor's Perspective”
  • Joseph N. Tatarewicz, NASA History Office and U. Maryland, Baltimore County: “Space Sciences”
  • David DeVorkin, NASM, Smithsonian: “Astrophysics”
  • Lief Robinson, Editor, Sky & Telescope: “A Participant's Views”
  • Robert Smith, NASM and Johns Hopkins U.: “Patronage”
  • Steven Dick, U.S. Naval Observatory: “The SETI Project”
  • Tom Williams, Rice U.: “Amateurs”
  • Karl Hufbauer, U. California, Irvine: “Solar Physics”
  • George Webb, Tennessee Technical U.: “Southwestern Astronomy”
7:00 pm Banquet
Banquet Lecture: Michael Hoskin, Cambridge University: “Hitting Pay-Dirt among the Manuscripts”
Sunday, June 27  
9:00 - 11:00 am Celestial Mechanics
Chair: LeRoy Doggett, U.S. Naval Observatory
  • Robert Howland, Notre Dame: “From Geometry to Analysis to Geometry”
  • Craig Waff, Jet Propulsion Lab: “Lunar Theory from Newton to Clairaut”
  • Louise and Ronald Golland, U. Chicago: “Euler and Convergence Theory”
  • Curtis Wilson, St. John's C.: “Lunar Theory from Euler to Hill”
  • LeRoy Doggett: “From Kirkwood to Chaos: Explaining the Resonance Gaps”
  • Joseph N. Tatarewicz: “Style in Celestial Mechanics: Herget vs. Herrick”
  • Peter Kammeyer, U.S. Naval Observatory: “Celestial Mechanics in 1920”
11:00 am - Noon Business Meeting
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