Indian Association of Notre Dame (IAND)

Indian Association of Notre Dame

  • What is IAND?

    IAND is a cultural organization that organizes various activities for students of South Asian origin at Notre Dame and Saint Mary's College (SMC). In the past, IAND has been instrumental in organizing classical music concerts, Indian film screenings, parties, South Asian week, lectures/discussions etc.

  • How can I become a member?

    Absolutely anyone in the Notre Dame family can become a member of IAND. Members are just required to pay dues, which will grant free entrance to all of our events. At the beginning of the fall semester, Notre Dame Activities Nights is an exhibition of all the clubs on campus; come find the IAND booth and sign up to be on our email list. We kick off each year with a Samosa Social!

  • How do I become involved in IAND activities?

    If you have an idea or want to contribute to any of the events we are holding, contact one of our officers immediately - we can always use the help.

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