My PhD Graduates and Where They Are Now

Estefan Ortiz
Pupil Dilation Analysis and Mitigation In Iris Recognition, 2015, Senior Data Scientist, WellAware Holdings.

Jay Doyle
Improvements to the iris recognition pipeline, 2015, MITRE.

Amanda Sgroi
Exploring the Impostor Distribution, 2015, Robotics Research Engineer, Neya Systems.

Jeremiah Barr
Gallery-free methods for detecting people and groups of interest "in the wild", 2014, Data Scientist, Dupont Pioneer.

Jim Thomas
Computer vision techniques for damage assessment from high-resolution remote sensing imagery, 2012, Amazon Robotics.

Ryan Connaughton
Fusion of face and iris biometrics using a stand-off video sensor, 2012, Amazon Video.

Karen Hollingsworth
Increased use of available image data desceases errors in iris biometrics (click for pdf), 2010.

Deborah Thomas
Face recognition from surveillance-quality video, 2010, Assistant Professor, Bethel University.

Christopher Middendorff
Hard and soft biometrics systems, 2009, Amazon.

Timothy Faltemier
Advances in 3D face recognition (click for pdf), 2007, Director of Biometric and Computer Vision Systems, Progeny Systems.

Xiaomei Liu
Optimizations in iris recognition, 2006, Senior Software Engineer, EMC Corporation, Boston.

Ping Yan
Ear biometrics in human identification (click for pdf), 2006, Staff Scientist, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Xin Chen
Modeling the human face through multiple view three-dimensional stereopsis: A survey and comparitive analysis of facial recognition over multiple modalities (click for pdf), 2006, Senior Research Scientist, Here, and Adjunct Assistant Professor of EECS at Northwestern.

Kyong ("Jin") Chang
New multi-biometrics approaches for improved person identification (click for pdf), 2004, Principal Engineer, Philips Medical Systems.

Jaesik Min
Improved range image segmentation through feedback from empirical performance evaluation, 2002, Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency.

Michael Heath
Dual projection computer-aided detection for mammography, 2000, Senior Development Engineer, Kodak.

Maha Y. Sallam
Image unwarping and difference analysis: a technique for detecting abnormalities in mammograms, 1997, President and Director, VuEssence Inc. (a medical device company focused on neuro-imaging applications)

Melanie Sutton
Object recognition through reasoning about functionality with visual sensing and robotic manipulation, 1997, Professor of Informatics, University of West Florida.

Adam W. Hoover
The space envelope representation of 3-D scenes, 1996, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Clemson University.

Kevin Green
Generic recognition of articulated objects through reasoning about potential function, 1996, Computer Vision Scientist, EOIR Technologies.

Kevin S. Woods
Automated Image Analysis Techniques for Digital Mammography, 1994, Chief Scientific Officer, C1 Technologies.

David Wayne Eggert
Aspect graphs of solids of revolution, 1991
Associate Professor and Gradaute Coordinator, Computer Science, University of New Haven.

John Hayden Stewman
Viewer-centered representations for polyhedral objects: computing the exact perspective projection aspect graph of an object bounded by planar faces, 1991.

Louise Stark
Achieving generalized object recognition through reasoning about association of function to structure, 1990, Professor of Computer Engineering and Associate Dean of Engineering, University of the Pacific.