I have taught a wide variety of courses over the years, everything from 100+ students in introductory programming courses (remember Ada?) to upper-level electives in computer vision, pattern recognition and biometrics. I won two Teaching Incentive Program Awards and an Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award while on the faculty at the University of South Florida. Below are some recent fun courses.

Case Studies in Computing-Based Entrepreneurship.
I created Case Studies In Computing-Based Entrepreneurship, a course offered in the fall semester since 2014. This class focuses on introducing entrepreneurship concepts and principles to Computer Science and Engineering students. The popular Business Model Generation book is used for part of the course, but we also have many guest lectures by some fantastic friends of the Department, many of whom are ND alums.

Chris Slatt, Founder of Watchguard Technologies, StarFire Sports, ...

Celeste Ford, Founder of Stellar Solutions

Ed Taylor, Founder of PSW Technologies, ...

Bruce Ballengee, Founder of Pariveda Solutions

Tim Connors, Founder of PivotNorth Capital (line of questions after class)

Chris Vargas, Private Investor and Startup CxO

Ethical and Professional Issues In Engineering.
I created Ethical and Professional Issues In Engineering as a course for students from all majors in the College of Engineering, taught in Notre Dame's Summer Engineering in London and Summer Engineering in Rome programs. We discuss common causes and themes across some famous engineering disasters, and students do projects on selected topics. Click on one of the projects below to watch the video.