The field of "Ethics and Computing" encompasses a lot of territory. Courses in this area may be taught in programs such as Information Systems, Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Material in this area may be taught as a stand-alone course and/or as modules in courses throughout the curriculum. Whatever teaching responsibility you have related to this area, the materials here should help you to teach ethics and computing in a way that provides rigorous, relevant and effective learning experiences for your students.

This project was supported, in part, by the National Science Foundation. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Foundation.

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Model Classroom Exercises / Activities
- Web pages for classroom exercises and activities developed by workshop participants.
Video Reviews
- Reviews and ordering information on videos relevant to teaching ethics and computing.
Paper from Frontiers in Education '99 (IEEE copyright)
- Describes the use of the "MOSS" tool for detecting program plagiarism.
Draft paper on Goodearl & Aldred v. Hughes whiste-blowing case
- Case involves fraud in testing of chips supplied for defense systems (planes, missiles, ...).
PDF of JISE paper on "Porn on the Dean's PC" case
- Paper outlining background and references for using "Porn on the Harvard Dean's PC" case.
Revised powerpoint file of ISECON '99 plenary talk
- "Porn on the Harvard Dean's PC" case study - good for leading class discussion of the case.
Ethics & Open Source: panel title Kevin Bowyer Don Gotterbarn Keith Miller Marty Wolf
- Powerpoint files from SIGCSE 2002 panel discussion - good for leading class discussion of the topic.
Paper on curriculum module for missile defense and software.
- PDF version of "Star Wars Revisited" paper published in IEEE Technology and Society.
Powerpoint and MPEG files for star wars module
- "Star Wars revisited" case study - good for leading class discussion of the case.
Paper on security / privacy tradeoff in face recognition.
- PDF version of paper to appear in IEEE Technology and Society.
Sample worksheets for class discussion on security / privacy.
Powerpoint for "Video Surveillance, Biometrics, and Privacy After 9-11."
- Good for leading class discussion on face recognition systems and privacy.
Revised from Mercy College and Wright State presentations.
Acknowledgement and
Copyright Notice
The development of the materials made available on this web site was supported by the National Science Foundation grant DUE 9752792. Authors of the individual exercises, reviews and other materials retain the copyright to their works. These materials are available free of charge for educational use, with proper acknowledgement. If you use materials from this web site, please credit the original author and the support of NSF grant DUE 9752792. These materials may not be compiled, in whole or in part, by other persons into any commercial product without the express written consent of the author.
Participants Summer 1999 Workshop
Participants Summer 1998 Workshop
A Different Workshop Marion Ben-Jacob's August 2002 NSF-sponsored workshop on "Computer Ethics Across the Curriculum"

Marion Ben-Jacob organized the August 2002 workshop at Mercy College led by Kevin Bowyer.

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