Ilsang Ohn (03/2020-).

Bayan Sarpabayeva (08/2017-07/2019) (co-supervise with Dong Quan Nguyen). Now postdoc at University of Rochester

Kyoungjae Lee (01/2017-01/2019). Now at Inha University.

Dianbin Bao (2017-2018) (co-supervise with Dong Quan Nguyen). Now at Penn State Abington

Minwoo Chae (2015-2017) (co-supervise with Stephen Walker); Now at Postech.

Prithwish Bhaumik (2015--2017)

Ph.D students

Yutzu Kuo

Kisung You (Co-supervise with Ick Hoon Jin)

Luyi Shen

Kevin Manley

Yihao Fang (Co-supervise with Zhiliang Xu)

Master students (at Notre Dame)

Mohammad Rasool Izadi (May, 2020)
Max Hong (May, 2019)
Phillip Pickering (June, 2019)
Zhou Kastner ( August, 2017).

Master students (from UT-Austin)

Shuling Malloy, Jiajun Chen (both graduated in May, 2015)
Lingjia Zhang (graduated in May, 2016)
Na Li, Wanyi Wang (both graduated in August, 2016).