Jacques Maritain Center


Stonyhurst Philosophical Series


Empirical and Rational

by Michael Maher, S.J.

Longmans, Green and Co.

Fourth Avenue & 30th Street, New York
London, Bombay, Calcutta, and Madras


Table of Contents


  1. Definition and scope of psychology.
  2. Method of psychology.
  3. Classification of the mental faculties.

    Book I: Empirical or phenomenal psychology.

    Part I: Sensuous life.

  4. Sensation.
  5. The senses.
  6. Perception of the material world:
  7. Development of sense-perception.
  8. Imagination.
  9. Memory. mental association.
  10. Sensuous appetite and movement.
  11. Feelings of pleasure and pain.

    Part II: Rational life.

  12. Intellect and sense.
  13. Conception: origin of intellectual ideas: erroneous theories.
  14. Conception: origin of intellectual ideas (continued).
  15. Judgment and reasoning.
  16. Attention and apperception.
  17. Development of intellectual cognition.
  18. Rational appetency.
  19. Free-will and determinism.
  20. The emotions.

    Book II: Rational psychology.

  21. Substantiality, identity, simplicity, and spirituality of the human soul.
  22. False theories of the ego.
  23. Monistic theories.
  24. Immortality of the soul.
  25. Soul and body.
  26. Soul and body (continued.) other problems.

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