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Event Policy

Event Policy

August 24, 2001

To all students:

Welcome (or, welcome back) to Notre Dame Law School! The law school has established a policy for law students and law student groups to schedule events within and o outside the law school building. The purpose of this policy is to avoid conflicting events (to the extent possible) and to provide advance notice of events to facilitate event publicity and attendance. In particular, the policy will serve to provide notice to members of the law school community whose attendance is desired at student events.

The policy requires the following:

1. Check the law school calendar from the law school's home page to see if any previously scheduled law school events conflict with your desired date and time. Be considerate in requesting multiple events during the same time frame.

2. Link from the law school's home page (do not use the university calendar form found at the bottom of the law school calendar) to the Students Calendar Form (along the top, in the navigation bar).

3. Fill out the online form completely and click at the end to submit it to the Director of Student Services.

4. I will notify you by e mail whether your event has been approved. If it is approved, I will submit it to the calendar and your room reservation (if applicable) will be finalized. If it is not approved, you will not receive room reservations, nor should you conduct your event.

5. Failure to follow this policy may result in the cancellation of your event, the cancellation of your room reservation, and/or declination of payment or reimbursement of event costs, which may leave you personally accountable for such expenses.

6. This procedure is distinct from the calendar link on the Student Bar Association's web site. Posting events on the SBA web site does not constitute compliance with this policy. However, students are encouraged to utilize the SBA's web site, once they have complied with this policy, in order to obtain additional publicity.

The policy is effective immediately.



Office of the Associate Dean
Julia B. Meister
Director, Student Services
(574) 631-5365