Dr. Yiyu Shi

Postdoc Scholars

Jie Wu

Visiting Students

  • Baris Yigit (Undergraduate student from LMU Munchen)

Undergraduate Students

  • Chung-Han Chou (2016)
  • Yuanwu Chen (2015-2016)


  • Chung-Han Chou (now assistant professor at Feng Chia University, Taiwan)
  • Chenye Wu (now assistant professor at Tsinghua University, China)
  • Tao Wang (Cadence Design Systems)
  • Hui Geng (Broadcom Corporation)
  • Chun Zhang (Postdoc, now at Xilinx)
  • Qifeng Chen (M.S. 2014, now at Xilinx)
  • Rongbo Yang (M.S. 2013, now at Nexus)
  • Luke Maresca (M.S. 2012, now at DCMA))
  • Zhe Liu (B.S. 2013, now at UCLA)

Currently openings are available for
Ph.D. students interested in:

Preference will be given to M.S. students with strong background in maths (especially statistics or optimization) and/or C/C++ programming.

If interested, you may send an email with a copy of your CV and transcript to the email address listed above. Due to the large number of applications, not all emails will be replied.