Aquatic Ecology Across Scales

Statement on Equity and Inclusion

We, as members of the Jones Lab, are unified by a scientific curiosity about aquatic ecosystems and are committed to fostering a workplace environment that celebrates our diversity. We value and respect all members, whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, education, or disability. We acknowledge that systemic privileges are differentially afforded to many and condemn discrimination and harassment in any form. We actively promote scholars from Black, Indigenous, and other minoritized groups, and support all lab members in celebrating their whole authentic selves.

To this end , we implement the following practices:

-We recruit, support, and retain members from diverse backgrounds and groups that have historically          been underrepresented in the sciences.

-We aim to take an anti-racist lens in all of our efforts, including clear conduct policies, consideration of      all members’ safety on campus and in the field, and continued education of our members.

-We read and celebrate scientific work from BIPOC and other minoritized scientists.

-We regularly assess our success in implementing the above practices.

Recent Jones Lab Equity and Inclusion Activities

-July 2020: Lab students, along with other students in the department, co-found Graduate Students Against Racial Injustice at Notre Dame (GS-ARIND)