Aquatic Ecology Across Scales

Are you interested in graduate studies in aquatic ecology?

If you are interested in the lab, hopefully you have familiarized yourself with the type of research the lab participates in by exploring the website. If you haven't, check out the research section and read a few of our publications. We are especially interested in candidates from groups traditionally under-represented in ecology and environmental science. Check out our Inclusivity page to see what recent activities we have undertaken to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in our field.

In our lab, we develop knowledge and tools for the prediction of lake ecosystem services under future climate and land use scenarios and identify strategies for mitigation of undesirable aquatic environmental change. These goals are accomplished using a combination of theoretical and empirical research that integrates approaches from ecology, molecular biology, and mathematics. A student in our laboratory will gain a multi-disciplinary training, work as a member of an interdisciplinary research team, and be expected to significantly contribute to the goals of the lab.

In my biased opinion, the University of Notre Dame is an amazing place to conduct aquatic ecological research. Here at ND you will be surrounded by excellence in aquatic research, active and productive graduate and postdoctoral communities, and unbelievable facilities. Our laboratory has nearly unlimited access to analytical facilities, including the Center for Environmnetal Science and Technology (CEST), both a genomics and bioinformatics core facility (NDGC), the Notre Dame Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility (ND-LEEF), and perhaps the best of all, ND's 6000 acre field facility in northern Wisconsin (UNDERC)!

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. If you are interested in applying for graduate work with me please send a curriculum vitae and a short (1-2 paragraph) description of your past research experience and future research aspirations. I look forward to hearing from you!

Are you a Notre Dame student interested in undergraduate research opportunities?

We routinely have 6 to 10 undergraduate researchers in the lab. Despite the number of students, you can expect individual attention from a graduate student and myself. During the semester students work in the lab for course credit, but we encourage students that have spent a semester or more in the lab to consider working with us for pay during the summer. Our students have been very competitive for internal and national undergraduate research fellowships. Please email me with questions and we can schedule a time to discuss potential projects and the appropriate number of credits to register for.