Demonstrations and Evaluations of the Ensayo Prototype

The Ensayo Prototype is available online here.

Evaluation at Miami-Dade EOC - 16 October 2014

Demo and Evaluation of Exercise Developer and Researcher consoles - 22 July, 2014:

vEOC Demonstration and Evaluation - 12 February, 2014

On 12 Feb 2014, we conducted an exercise with Ensayo at Notre Dame. This exercise consisted of 12 players. This was the largest exercise to date using Ensayo. The goal of the exercise was to moderately stress the system, to identify minute bugs in the system, to confirm the operation of the system to date, and to validate the design of Ensayo.

Participants (photo) (video1 - 1.74 GB) (video2 - 1.74 GB)

After Action Report

User Manuals - 2012-2013

  • John Glynn, Soundarya Souhndararajan and Mouna Yerra, “Virtual Emergency Operations Center User Manual v3.0”, Technical Memo, Florida International University, May 2013. (download)
  • Benoit Raybaud, “ENSAYO – Administration & script creation”, Technical Memo, Notre Dame, 2012. (download)
  • Cynthia Nikolai, “vEOC User Manual v2.0”, Technical Memo, Notre Dame, 2012. (download)

Testing Documents 2012

vEOC Demonstration and Evaluation - 20 September, 2011

vEOC Demonstration and Evaluation - 24 June, 2011

These are scripts used in a short demo for the virtual Emergency Operations Center (vEOC) consisting of four parts. First, we will examine the Trainee Console. Next, we will examine the Exercise Developer Console. Third, we will review the Researcher Console. Finally, we will conclude with a short survey regarding your experiences.

vEOC Demonstrations and Evaluations - 2010

For these demos, we invited Troy Johnson, from Miami- Dade County to participate in three demos that included: 5 volunteers from the Cyberinformatics Laboratory at Notre Dame, 5 volunteers from an Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) class, and 2 remote individuals (one in Miami, FL and one in Atlanta, GA). The individuals fulfilled one of four roles, the exercise developer, the exercise controller, the trainee, and the researcher. A report on these demonstrations is provided below.

Cynthia Nikolai, Michael Prietula, Gregory Madey, Irma Becerra-Fernandez, Troy Johnson, Matthew Mooney, and Rahul Bhandari, “Experiences and Insights Using A Virtual Emergency Operations Center”, Project Report, 2010. (

Cyntia Nikolai, Troy Johnson, 2 REU students,
Miami-Dade EOC Usability Test - July 1, 2010

Cynthia Nikolai and Rahul Bhandari, “vEOC Review - Trainee Console”, Project Report, 19 May 2010 (