Employment Opportunities

The Timp Nano-Bio Group at Notre Dame is hiring post-doctoral researchers. We are seeking qualified individuals to support research projects in synthetic biology such as single molecule spectroscopy using solid-state nanopores, or time and space-resolved studies of gene activity in living cells. The positions are associated with the University of Notre Dame Biological Sciences and Electrical Engineering Departments. The successful applicant must have completed a Ph.D. in physics, biology, electrical engineering, molecular biology or a related discipline, with a proven capacity for world-class research that is reflected in a publication record.

Considerable skill in implementing experiments to probe the interactions between light, electronics, and living or abiotic micro/nanostructures is required. Experience in a subset of the following areas is highly desirable: transmission electron microscopy; atomic force microscopy; near-field microscopy; single molecule FRET; semiconductor processing; low-noise, high frequency measurement techniques; lock-in measurements; cell culturing; genetic engineering, inorganic and biochemistry and a facility for programming in Labview, MATLAB, Python, and C++.

Interested applicants should send a detailed CV, along with a list of publications, and at least three letters of recommendation preferably via email (gtimp@nd.edu) to Prof. Gregory Timp, 316 Stinson-Remick Hall, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556