Additional Activity

Additional publications from the project:
  • Madey, G., "Dynamic Predictive Simulations of Agent Swarms (DDDAS): Final Report", DTIC Online, Apr 9, 2014, (abstract) (pdf)
  • McCune, R. R., and G. R. Madey, "Decentralized K-Means Clustering and Emergent Computation", SpringSim'14 (Student Colloquium), Tampa, FL, USA, April 13 - 16, 2014 -- Best PH.D. Dissertation Award (abstract) (poster) (slides) (photo) (certificate)
  • McCune, R. R., “Swarm Intelligence in Mobile Agent Computing for UAV Swarms With DDDAS”, Ph.D Dissertation proposal, University of Notre Dame, 2014.
  • McCune, R. R., and G. R. Madey. “Analysis of a Swarm Approach to Building Voronoi Diagrams”, 17th Annual SwarmFest Conference, Orlando, FL, July 8-9, 2013. (pdf)
  • Y. Wei, “Monitoring, Configuration and Resource Management of Service Workflows in Virtualized Clusters and Clouds”, unpublished Ph.D Dissertation, University of Notre Dame, 2013.
  • Project Web Site, “DDDAS-C2-UAV Swarms: Investigating the Application of DDDAS to the Command & Control of UAV Swarms”,
  • G. Madey and C. Poellabauer, “Application of DDDAS Principles to Command, Control and Mission Planning for UAV Swarms”, DDDAS AFOSR PI Meeting, Arlington, VA, Sept 30-Oct 2, 2013. (pdf)

Project Highlights:

  • Y. Wei and M.B. Blake, “An Agent‐based Services Framework with Adaptive Monitoring in Cloud Environments”, WETICE 2012, IEEE Press, Toulousse, France, June 2012 -‐ Best Student Paper Award.
  • International Finalist: Alexander Madey, “Design and Evaluation of UAV Swarm Command and Control Strategies”, Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, Phoenix, Arizona, May, 2013, (Junior, Trinity School at Greenlawn, South Bend, Indiana, Teacher: Lynda Seasly)
  • Kathy Borlik, “Trinity student exhibits at international event”, Los Angeles Times, June 9, 2013 (link)
  • Gordy Young, “Experience Michiana - Alex Madey will discuss a student research project which was presented at the INTEL ISEF and at the international research conference”, WNIT TV, June 11th, 2013