Kevin W. Bowyer - Object Recognition Based on Functionality

  • Function from visual analysis and physical interaction: a methodology for recognition of generic classes of objects,
    Melanie Sutton, Louise Stark and Kevin Bowyer, Image and Vision Computing 16 (11), 745-763, August 1998.
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    This paper presents an overview of the GRUFF-I (Generic Recognition Using Form, Function and Interaction) system, a nonpart-based approach to generic object recognition which reasons about and generates plans for interaction with three-dimensional (3D) shapes from the categories furniture and dishes. ...

  • Recognizing object function through reasoning about partial shape descriptions and dynamic physical properties,
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    Louise Stark and Kevin W. Bowyer.
    IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 13 (10), 1097-1104, October 1991.
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    "The purpose of the work described here is to demonstrate the feasibility of defining an object category in terms of the functional properties shared by all objects in the category. ... A complete system has been implemented that takes the boundary surface description of a 3-D object as its input and attempts to recognize whether the object belongs to the category chair ... This is, to our knowledge the first (only) implemented system to explore the use of a purely function-based definition of an object category ... to recognize 3-D objects."