Theo 20-401

Michael S. Driscoll

University of Notre Dame

OFFICE: Malloy 244



 An analysis of the Church as a community of believers and a social institution, and a study of Church liturgy and sacraments.

This course will center around three key areas, namely:

 Required Books:
    1. Joseph Martos, Doors to the Sacred (Triumph Books, 2001). ISBN 0-8007-3020 pbk

    2. Ray Noll, Sacraments: A New Understanding for a New Generation  (Mystic, CT: Twenty-Third
        Publications, 1999). ISBN 0-89622-993-9 pbk

    3. Josef Pieper, In Tune with the World: A Theory of Festivity (St. Augustine’s Press, 1999). ISBN        
        1-890318-33-7 pbk

    4. Course Packet - Available in the Copy Shop (O'Shaughnessy Hall, third floor)

 Grading: The grade will be determined by the following three considerations:

Calendar for class meetings