Rules and Scoring

Games are played with 8 robotic football players for each team. Games are two 20 minute halves with a 5-10 minute halftime. The game is played on a field that is basketball court sized (90' by 46') and is outfitted with 12' end zones.

Offensive players have 25 seconds to initiate the play after the referee toe-spots the ball. A score or an upsetting event (eg. tackle, falling down) of the ball carrying player will signify the end of an event. During an upsetting event the robot is "tackled" so a LED light turns red for a short time.

Scoring is similar to regular football, but with a robotic twist. For example, points are awarded for successful passes at various distances - see the table below for more information. Not surprising, but the team with the highest score wins. NCAA overtime rules are used in the case of a draw.

The most recent (08/18) set of official rules can be found here.

Point Distribution

Scoring Actions Points
Touchdown 6
PAT (Point After Touchdown) (kick) 1
PAT (run or pass) 2
Field Goal 3
Long Pass (10+ feet)* 4 (6 if caught)
Short Pass (0-10 feet)* 3 (4 if caught)
Safety 2

(*) Passes are measured from the line of scrimmage, any pass caught behind the line of scrimmage is awarded no points. No more than 7 points can be awarded from passing on each possession.