Back to the Lab

After Fr. Jenkins' announcement on August 18th, all in-person club meetings were temporarily suspended. For the next few weeks, workshop activity was suspended. However, now that new COVID-19 cases have dropped back to safe levels, in-person meetings in the workshop have again been allowed! There is still a limit of 7 people at a time, and all previous protocols are still in place, but the team is once again able to work on improving and maintaining its robotic players.

Coming Back in the COVID-19 Era

August 2020 marks the beginning of an interesting time for the Notre Dame Robotic Football Club, and for the University as a whole. We are so lucky for the chance we have been given to come together as a team this year to learn, build, and have fun working to advance the sport of Robotic Football. That said, we have a responsibility to care for ourselves and each other, and we will be implementing several policies to ensure the safety of the team:

  • Workshop usage must be limited to a maximum of 7 people
  • Meetings will be held online whenever possible
  • Masks need to be worn at all times in the workshop
  • Surfaces will be disinfected after use, and hand sanitizer will be utilized
The team will be reorganizing itself this year into four main sub-teams. These will be pit crew, design team, manuafacturing team, and code team. The goal of this change is to ensure higher standards and facilitate greater collaboration by grouping similar tasks together into shared sub-teams.

Our first meeting of the year for returning members will be held on Wednesday, August 19th at 8pm. If you'd like to join the team, be sure to check us out at the activities fair on Saturday, August 22 from 1pm - 3pm.