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New APS Fellow Magnetic Logic Capturing Greenhouse Gases
New APS Fellow Magnetic Logic Capturing Greenhouse Gases
New APS Fellow Magnetic Logic Capturing Greenhouse Gases

2007 Teaching Awards

Teacher of the Year

The first faculty award for outstanding teaching was presented in 1977 in celebration of 100 years of engineering at Notre Dame. According to students and University colleagues, on a daily basis this year’s recipient, David T. Leighton Jr., professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, goes above and beyond what is “required.” Students say he enlivens the classroom by incorporating unique demonstrations and enriches their University experience by showing genuine concern for their education. As one student said, “It is almost impossible to go into his office, which is always open, and leave without having learned something.” Leighton joined the University
in 1986.

University Teaching Awards

Formerly known as the Kaneb Teaching Award, the Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C., Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching was presented to a total of 17 University faculty this year. Among the honorees are two instructors from the College of Engineering: Michael M. Stanisic, assistant professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering, and Jeffrey W. Talley, professor of civil engineering and geological sciences. The newly established award recognizes faculty who have had a profound impact upon their students through teaching and mentoring. It is funded by an endowment provided by the Class of 1937, of which Father Joyce was a member, in honor of the 70th anniversary of his graduation.

Since joining the University in 1998, Stanisic has consistently demonstrated a passion and aptitude for the creation of environments and experiences that encourage young engineers. Students say he makes classes challenging, but not unattainable. They also credit his enthusiasm for their continued interest in the field of mechanical engineering.

According to his students, Talley organizes and presents difficult material in a clear and concise manner. They say he encourages them in their exploration of environmental bioengineering by involving them in hands-on research. Since joining the University in 2001, he has proved himself to be as dedicated to finding solutions to real-world problems as he is to developing cutting-edge curriculum.

Spira Awards

Also presented annually, the Ruth and Joel Spira Award for Excellence in Teaching honors faculty members in the departments of electrical engineering and aerospace and mechanical engineering. The award was established in May 2000 by Joel Spira, the founder, chairman, and director of research of Lutron Electronics and his wife, Ruth. They have funded similar awards at Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, Lehigh University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, and the University
of Michigan.

This year’s recipients are Thomas E. Fuja, professor and chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering, and Robert C. Nelson, professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering. Fuja, whose research encompasses digital communi-cations, error control coding, joint source-channel coding, and information theory, joined the University in 1998. Nelson, who received a bachelor’s (1964) and master’s (1966) degree in aerospace engineering from Notre Dame, returned to the University as a faculty member in 1975. His research interests include aircraft stability and control, fluid mechanics, and aerodynamics.