Current group photo (as of July 2018; left to right): Khalique Newaz, Mahboobeh Ghalehnovi, Nicholas Botzer, Dr. Fatemeh Vahedian, Shawn Gu, Prof. Tijana Milenkovic, Joseph Crawford, Kendrea Beers, Jon Genty, Qi Li, Shikang Liu.

Previous group photo (left to right): Boyoung Yoo, Jennifer Long, Huili Chen, Prof. Tijana Milenkovic, Dr. Fazle Faisal, Dr. Yuriy Hulovatyy, Dr. Lei Meng, Dr. Vipin Vijayan, Joseph Crawford.

For a list of my current group members, please visit my Complex Networks Lab's web page.

There is an open postdoc, Ph.D. student, and undergraduate researcher position in my group. If interested, please follow the instructions given here.