Research Interests

Computational (systems) biology and bioinformatics, network biomedicine: studying interplay between network topology and biological function, disease, aging, and evolution in molecular (e.g., protein-protein interaction) networks; -omics data integration.

Health and well-being: personalized recommendations for improving health and preventing disease by integrating molecular, electronic health record, behavioral, environmental, physiological, physical activity tracking, social interaction, and other data.

Computational biochemistry: protein folding; computational drug discovery and design.

Complex networks, network science, data mining, big data: developing computational approaches for efficient extraction of function from topology of complex (large, noisy, dynamic, heterogeneous, etc.) real-world networks.

Theoretic computer science: computational graph theory; algorithms; network models.

Social networks: studying the relationship between people’s social interactions and their behaviors.


Short Videos About Some Of CoNe Lab's Research Projects