Research Interests

Complex networks, network science, data mining, big data: developing computational and mathematical approaches for efficient extraction of function from topology of complex (large, noisy, dynamic, heterogeneous, etc.) real-world networks.

Theoretic computer science: computational graph theory; algorithms; network models.

Computational (systems) biology, network medicine: studying interplay between network topology and biological function, disease, aging, and evolution in molecular (e.g., protein-protein interaction) networks.

Computational chemistry: protein folding; computational drug discovery and design.

Social networks: studying the relationship between people’s social interactions and their behaviors.

Scientific wellness: personalized recommendations for improving health and preventing disease by integrating social, behavioral, environmental , physiological, molecular, physical activity tracking, and other data.

For more details, visit my Complex Networks Lab's page.


Open Positions

There is an open postdoc, Ph.D. student, and undergraduate researcher position in my group. If interested, please follow the instructions given here.