Links to Software and Data from our Publications

Colored graphlets (journal paper 39)

ClueNet (journal paper 37)

DynaWAVE (journal paper 36)

GRAFENE (journal paper 35)

multiMAGNA++ (journal paper 34)

DynaMAGNA++ (journal paper 33)

SCOUT (journal paper 30)

Evaluating local or global network alignment (journal paper 28)

Dynamic graphlets (journal paper 25)

MAGNA++ (journal paper 22)

MAGNA (journal paper 18)

GREAT (conference paper 10)

WAVE (conference paper 9)

Identifying aging-related genes from dynamic networks (journal paper 17)

Computing node centralities (journal paper 17)

Graphlet-based link prediction (journal paper 15)

Edge-GDV-similarity and graphlet-based edge clustering (journal paper 14)

H-GRAAL (journal paper 11)

GRAAL (journal paper 6)

GraphCrunch (journal paper 1)