Links to Software and Data from our Publications

Improved supervised prediction of aging-related genes via weighted dynamic network analysis (journal paper 52)

Supervised prediction of aging-related genes (journal paper 51)

TARA++ (journal paper 50)

Dynamic network inference via network propagation (journal paper 48)

Synonymous codon usage (journal paper 47)

TARA (journal paper 46)

NETPCLASS (journal paper 45)

PNA vs. MNA (journal paper 43)

GOT-WAVE (journal paper 41)

Colored graphlets (journal paper 39)

ClueNet (journal paper 37)

DynaWAVE (journal paper 36)

GRAFENE (journal paper 35)

multiMAGNA++ (journal paper 34)

DynaMAGNA++ (journal paper 33)

SCOUT (journal paper 30)

Evaluating local or global network alignment (journal paper 28)

Dynamic graphlets (journal paper 25)

MAGNA++ (journal paper 22)

MAGNA (journal paper 18)

GREAT (conference paper 10)

WAVE (conference paper 9)

Identifying aging-related genes from dynamic networks (journal paper 17)

Computing node centralities (journal paper 17)

Graphlet-based link prediction (journal paper 15)

Edge-GDV-similarity and graphlet-based edge clustering (journal paper 14)

H-GRAAL (journal paper 11)

GRAAL (journal paper 6)

GraphCrunch (journal paper 1)