Virtue and Its Development

May 19-22, 2014


All sessions to be held in rooms 100-104, Notre Dame Conference Center (across from the Morris Inn)


Monday May 19

5:30-6:45          Reception dinner for all


7:00-7:30          Opening Panel: Ambitions for the Conference


7:30-8:00          Group discussion of general questions and goals


Tuesday, May 20


9:00-10:00        What difference does (or can) acquiring the vocabulary of the virtues and vices make to people old 

                          enough to be interested in self-improvement/being good? ABSTRACT  

Rosalind Hursthouse, University of Auckland

10:15-11:15      From a Baby Smiling: Reflections on Virtues in Development ABSTRACT

Robert Emde, University of Colorado-Denver (emeritus)

11:30-12:30      The Development of Virtue: A Perspective from Developmental Psychology ABSTRACT 

                          Ross Thompson, University of California-Davis

12:30-1;30         Lunch provided

1:30-2:30          The Neurobiology of Virtue ABSTRACT

Darcia Narvaez, University of Notre Dame

2:45-3:45          Enkinasethesia and the Deep Roots of Morality ABSTRACT

Susan Stuart, University of Glasgow

4:00-5:00          Group discussion

5-7                       Break and dinner on own

7:00-8:00          Virtue Rules and Thick Concepts ABSTRACT 

Julia Annas, University of Arizona

8:15-9:15          Becoming Good:  Narrow Dispositions and the Stability of Virtue ABSTRACT 

Rachana Kamtekar, University of Arizona


Wednesday May 21


9:00-10:00        Developing Virtue: Some Conceptual Issues ABSTRACT 

Christine Swanton, University of Auckland (emeritus)

10:15-11:15     The Role of Guilt in the Development of Virtue  ABSTRACT 

Jennifer Herdt, Yale University

11:30-12:30      Virtue Cultivation in Light of Situationism ABSTRACT 

Christian Miller, Wake Forest

12:30-1;30        Lunch provided

1:30-2:30          Benevolence in a Justice-Based World: The Power of Sentiments in Predicting Prosocial Behaviors ABSTRACT 

Gustavo Carlo, University of Missouri


2:45-3:45          Virtue (Ethics) and its Development ABSTRACT

John Haldane, University of St. Andrews

4:00-5:00          The Development of Justice ABSTRACT 

Mark LeBar, Ohio University

5-6                       Group discussion

630                      Break and dinner on own

8-9                       Practical applications of virtue education

                            Mark Jones, Mercer University; Paul Lewis, Mercer University

                            Jay Brandenberger, University of Notre Dame



Thursday, May 22


9:00-10:00        How Habits Make Us Virtuous  ABSTRACT 

Nancy Snow, Marquette University

10:15-11:15      The Moral Self ABSTRACT Powerpoint

Daniel Lapsley, University of Notre Dame PAPER ON MENDING WALL


1130-12             Group discussion