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HRI 2014: On our social context work, PhD students Cory Hayes and Maria O'Connor will have a paper, Avoiding Robot Faux Pas: Using Social Context to Teach Robots Behavioral Propriety, which Cory will present. On our synchronous social sensing work, PhD students Tariq Iqbal and Mike Gonzales have a paper A Model for Time-Synchronized Sensing and Motion to Support Human-Robot Fluency. Prof. Riek will present this work, and also serve as a faculty panelist at Pioneers.


Prof. Riek gave an invited talk on "Socially Agile Computing" at the NSF / Code for America hackathon, earning a super-cool merit badge. (Which just so happens to feature her favorite locomotive system - whegs!)


Ph.D student Michael Gonzales and Prof. Riek attended the Consumer Health Informatics Workshop, where Michael gave a great talk on his work on novel multimodal displays for critical care - "Improving Situational Awareness in Critical Care with Novel Shared Displays".


PhD students Michael Gonzales and Maryam Moosaei won both best overall paper and best student paper at IMSH 2014 for our work on naturalistic pain synthesis. Congratulations!
Gonzales, M.J., Moosaei, M., and Riek, L.D. (2013). “A Novel Method for Synthesizing Naturalistic Pain on Virtual Patients”. Simulation in Healthcare, Vol. 8, Issue 6.


Prof. Laurel Riek has been elected as a Fellow of the Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values. [Press release].


Prof. Laurel Riek gave a talk at the Center for Engineering and Health at the Feinberg School of Medicine entitled, "Three Disruptive Technologies to Improve Patient Safety and Health Communication: Robots, Tablets, and Natural User Interfaces". [abstract]


PhD student Maryam Moosaei has received the Dr. Kanako Miura Award for Humanoids 2013. Congrats!


Congratulations to PhD students Michael Gonzales and Maraym Moosaei, and undergraduate student Alex Janiw for having two papers accepted in Simulation in Healthcare. Mike and Maryam's paper is about perception of pain synthesis on virtual patients, and Alex's paper is about how advancing levels of nursing education affects nurse-patient communication in simulation.



Congratulations to our Summer 2013 REU Students: Philip Moss, Lucinda Khral, Patrick Varin, and Kimly Do for excellent work this summer, and for giving great presentations on their work at the CSE Summer Research Symposium.



PhD student Cory Hayes wins a scholarship to attend the International Summer School on Social Robotics.


PhD student Michael Gonzales wins an Adobe GEM Fellowship, the first ever recipient of an award from Adobe and the first GEM fellow from Notre Dame in 10 years.


The 2nd Annual Notre Dame National Robotics Week Event was a smashing success. Over 900 people from the South Bend community attended, 500 of them school-aged children. From the RHC lab, PhD students Maryam Moosaei, Tariq Iqbal, Mike Gonzales, and Maria O'Connor all showed off their research projects with undergrad RAs Karen Kozlovsky and Christine Gerardi assisting. PhD student Cory Hayes demoed a custom-built R2D2 robot for the event, and undergrad RAs Elise Eiden and Chas Jhin demoed a UAV robot.



Professor Laurel Riek wins an NSF CAREER award, entitled Next Generation Patient Simulators. [ND press release].


PhD students Maryam Moosaei and Maria O'Connor have been selected to attend the 2013 CRA-W Graduate cohort workshop in Boston.


PhD student Cory Hayes' paper, "Automatic Processing of Irrelevant Co-Speech Gestures with Human but not Robot Actors" has been accepted to the 2013 ACM Human-Robot Interaction Conference, and he also has been selected to participate in the HRI Pioneers workshop. Maryam Moosaei also had a paper accepted on her work on facial expression synthesis assessment at the HRI workshop on Applications for Emotional Robots. おめでとうございます!


PhD student Maria O'Connor has been invited to chair the doctoral consortium at the ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI).

Fall 2012

Work by RHC undergrads Allison Rzepcynski and Timothy Martin on how clinicians interact with robot patient mannequins appeared at both the International Conference on Communication in Healthcare (ICCH) conference in St. Andrew's, Scotland, and at the American Public Health Association (APHA) conference in San Francisco.


PhD student Michael Gonzales presented his paper, "Designing an Interface to Support Shared Decision Making in Oncology" at the 2012 Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH) at the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Annual Symposium.