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Asian Law Students Association
President: Wendy Tran | Vice President: Sharon Lim | Treasurer: Nicole Vachon | Secretary: Willa Lin | 1L Representative: Bonnie Park, Bridget Nugent

The Asian Law Students Association is a forum for students of Asian heritage and those with an interest in Asian-Americans to gather and offer each other support at the Notre Dame law school. There are over 40 students involved with the club. In addition to monthly social activities, ALSA also hosts speakers and luncheons with professors. Each summer, ALSA, in conjunction with the Career Services Office, funds one to two students pursuing public interest work for the benefit of the Asian-American community.

Black Law Students of Notre Dame
President: LaDawn Burnett | Vice President: Nyeri Ahmed | Treasurer: Isidora Iluonakhamhe | Secretary: Alvin Adjei | Community Service Chair: Arthur Pitts | Admissions Liaison: Shari Taylor | Academic Chair: Linda Ubokudom

The Mission of BLSA shall be as follows:

a. To promote academic success of and among African-American students;

b. To promote professional success of and among African-American students;

c. To promote the successful integration of African-American students into the Notre Dame Law School Community;

d. To assist in the recruitment, admission, and enrollment of African-American students and in the selection and hiring of African-American faculty. Membership shall be open to all currently enrolled students of the Notre Dame Law School

BLSA hosts monthly meetings and publishes Marshall's Law, a newsletter for NDLS BLSA students as well as alumni. Through collaborative programming efforts, BLSA is actively engaged in bridging the gap with NDLS's other minority affinity groups as well as with ND's undergraduate and graduate campuses. Finally, BLSA hosts an annual alumni weekend every April which reunites graduates and builds new relationships between alumni and current students. Anyone who is passionate about BLSA's mission is welcome to join us!