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Intellectual Property Law Society
Intellectual Property (IP) law issues can affect virtually anyone or any organization, including business entities, artists, inventors, programmers, researchers, and web designers. Major areas of IP law include copyright, patent, and trademark, and touch science and technology, the arts and literature, and small and large businesses. The reach of IP law is expanding in a global economy, and the creation, management, and transfer of IP assets are growing more complex. Such growth is accompanied by a considerable need for Notre Dame to become more active in the education, research, and practice of IP law. IPLS aims to foster leadership in, promote intellectual curiosity about, and encourage dialogue on IP law by providing a forum for intellectual inquiry. The Society challenges its members to engage educators and practitioners as well as each other in learning about the various areas of IP law. By hosting professionals in academia, government, and the private sector at the Law School, the group and its members seek to stay current with IP law developments and learn of available resources that may be valuable both during school and following graduation. For more information, visit the IPLS web site at or e-mail Navid Fanaeian, President.

International Human Rights Society
Co-Presidents: Sana Din & Rachel Odio Vice-President: Isidora Iluonakhamhe Tech Director: Thomas Keenan Speaker Committee: Jimmy Champlin (Chair), Emily Nickles (Marketing Director), Mansoor Ahmed (Amnesty International Rep), Sabila Kadiruzzaman, Amanda Kiernan, Rebekah Soule, Matt May Social Committee: Jiham Willians & Emily Nickles Fundraising: Elizabeth Ostroski LL.M. Liason: Patricia Tarre Secretary: Michayla Sullivan

IHRS is a group of students (J.D., LL.M., and J.S.D.) interested in discussing and promoting international human rights law. We sponsor speakers and host functions throughout the year. Many IHRS events are held in conjunction with the Center for Civil and Human Rights in the Law School.

International Law Society
Co-Presidents: Trevor Jack and Jolie Schwarz | Vice Presidents and Committee Leaders: Manasi Raveendran, Monica Bordas, Rachel Odio, Willa Lin, Elizabeth Ostroski, Imeh Ntuen, Isidora Iluonakhamhe, Anthony Giresi

The International Law Society (ILS) is a student organization that strives to create and maintain awareness of issues in international law at Notre Dame Law School. ILS sponsors many events to foster interest in the field including an annual symposium at the Law School for distinguished visitors on current issues in international law.  Furthermore, efforts to establish the Law School’s first online international law journal, the International, Comparative, and Human Rights Journal of Notre Dame, are also led by ILS.  For more information please see our website at: