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Irish Law Society
Founded in 1996, The Irish Law Society is a group of Notre Dame law students dedicated to creating an awareness and interest amongst the greater Notre Dame community in legal issues in Ireland and especially on civil rights issues involved in the ongoing Peace Process.

Journal of Legislation
Editor-In-Chief - Bryan MacKenzie
Executive Editor - Vincent Stark
Managing Editor - Emily Bivona
Online Editor - Chris Handley
Solicitations Editor - Sarah Chambers
Development Editor - Elissa Denniston
Symposium Editor - Bill Simon
Production Editor - Tania Mistretta

London Liason - Shawn Clancy

Senior Notes Editors: Tyson Marx , Jake Wyzgoski

Senior Articles Editors: Hank Altmiller, Kevin Chen, Trevor Jack, Christina Pyle, Carolyn Sweeney, Shari Taylor

The Journal of Legislation is the #1 legislative law review in the world. The Journal contemplates public policy in a current and forward-thinking manner, investigating all areas of statutory, regulatory, and public policy, rather than merely looking at case law as is the case with law reviews. Prominent public figures and the foremost legal scholars contribute major pieces of legal analysis to The Journal in the form of "articles". We also publish the work of outstanding and prestigious students in the form of "notes," as well as publishing commentaries on recent legislation in our "legislative reform" section. Public leaders are more likely to effect policy change than are technical analyses by lesser known, so-called "experts" as typically published by the law reviews. Therefore, The Journal has traditionally solicited legislators, judges, administrators, and prominent attorneys, as well as true experts from beyond the legal world. The Journal is also dedicated to enriching the minds of individual students. The Journal teaches students how to think critically, the value of hard work, the courage to take a stand, the discipline of thorough research, and the ability to write with hawk-like precision and style. For this reason, The Journal is proud to uphold the timeless tradition of publishing student notes. The Journal is financially self-sufficient, independently organized  and completely student-run. The Journal accepts a small group of students each year into the organization. To receive such an invitation is one of the highest honors attainable to a student, which is why The Journal accepts only those who have proven themselves worthy through the demonstration of character, outstanding academic achievement, or involvement in the legislative process.