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Jus Vitae of Notre Dame
Jus Vitae is a nonprofit organization committed to the principle that the right to life is inherent and inalienable in every innocent human being and cannot be abridged by any action of government or any group of citizens. Its members are united by a dedication to promoting, upholding and defending the sanctity of all human life from the moment of conception to the point of a natural death. Its members pursue this end by means of public education and community service.

Among the events and activities our members will be participating in this year are: sponsoring pro-life speeches, conducting legal research on pro-life issues, publishing a newsletter for the law school community, volunteering at the local care center for women, praying outside the local abortion clinic,
maintaining a small library of pro-life literature, cassettes, and videos, and attending the March for Life in Washington, D.C. For more information, contact our President, Colleen Mary Sullivan.

Married and Parent Law Student Organization
Executive Directors - Jared Boyer, Tyson Marx, Kim Kayatta
The Married and Parent Law Student Organzation (MPLSO) connects students who share the unique position of attending law school with a family. The organization provides various activities throughout the year, including babysitting, family outings, and baby showers. Our goal is to ensure that students with families leave the Notre Dame Law School knowing that it was a valuable experience for the whole family.

Military Law Students Association
Rob Taylor - President

The MLSA is an association of law students interested in the military.  We host military law career information sessions, speakers, and social events.  The MLSA is open to all law students. Prior military service or the desire to pursue a future military career are not necessary.

Native American Law Students Association-NALSA
President: Caitlin Shetter | Vice President: Mariangela Sullivan | Treasurer: Tom Dudash | Secretary: Bryan MacKenzie

NALSA strives to reach out to Native law students and encourage non-Natives to learn more about Native issues.