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Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF)
President: Andrew Roman | Vice President of Fundraising: Brian Michel | Vice President of Speakers: Topher Regan | Secretary: Kevin Pfeiffer | 1L Representative: Erinn Rigney and Erin Orndorf

The purpose of the Public Interest Law Forum is to increase awareness of and interest in pursuing careers in public interest law through a variety of speakers and events. Special focus is placed on helping students find summer work in public interest fields, and supporting them through the Public Interest Summer Stipend Award Program.

Social Justice Forum
Established in 1983, the Social Justice Forum exists to promote and encourage social responsibility within the Notre Dame Law School and to create and maintain a network of concerned individuals who are willing to work toward social justice. To these ends, students and faculty members have sponsored speakers and community service projects, proposed changes in curriculum structure and placement programs, and helped to establish the Notre Dame Law Student Sponsored Fellowship

St. Thomas More Society
The mission of the St. Thomas More Society of Notre Dame is to foster full integration of our Catholic faith into the daily practice of law, and thereby to emulate St. Thomas More, the patron saint of lawyers. We strive to fulfill this mission by:

* Facilitating access to the sacraments of the Church
* Providing a forum for Christian fellowship, prayer, and growth
* Regularly offering lectures and discussion opportunities on matters of faith and morals, especially as they pertain to our vocations in the law
* Offering opportunities for public service
* By living lives worthy of the title Christian and by holding fast to and proclaiming, in season and out of season, the teachings of the Gospels and the Magisterium of the Church, in the likeness of our patron, St. Thomas More, under the protection of Our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph, and for the Glory of Christ our King

Our activities are open to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. We hope that participation in these activities will make us better equipped to bring Christ's light to the world through our vocation to the legal profession. For more information, please contact us via email.

Student Bar Association
The Student Bar Association is the student government at the Law School; all students are considered members. The association performs various tasks related to student life, both social and academic, such as orientation, appointment of students to various faculty committees, intramural athletics and several social functions throughout the year. More generally, the officers attempt to represent student interests in any matter of sufficient importance. At the national level, the association is a member of the Law Student Division of the American Bar Association.

Women's Legal Forum
The Women's Legal Forum includes not only current Notre Dame law students, but practicing attorneys and professors as well. The forum endeavors to address both the academic and social needs of the students, with particular focus on women in the law. The forum hosts panel discussions on current topics regarding women attorneys, calling upon diverse women graduates in various fields. The Women's Legal Forum welcomes all interested Notre Dame students to join its organization.