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MATH 10560

Math 10560 is the second course of a two-semester sequence. In Math 10560, we cover Logarithmic and Exponential functions, techniques of integration, applications of integration, differential equations, infinite series and sequences, powers series and parametric equations.

Students taking this class are expected to have a good grasp of the material covered in Calculus 1, Math 10550.

Each week, students attend a Tutorial, where the ideas from class will be reinforced and enhanced with worksheets. Also quizzes will be administered in tutorials. Attendance at the tutorial is mandatory and work done in tutorials accounts for a substantial portion of the final grade.

Homework for this course will be assigned and collected electronically. Details are given under the link Online Homework Information on the left. You will not need to purchase a new book or access code if you took Math 10550 in Fall 2016 (except possibly those students who were in Prof. Snow's section). If you did not take Math 10550 in Fall 2016 or if you were in Prof. Snow's section and did not purchase access to the homework, in order to use the online homework system after Jan 26, you will need to purchase an EWA (Enhanced WebAssign) code. Please read the information under the link Book/Access Code Information in the menu on the left hand side of this page before you make a decision about purchasing a book and access code.